Thursday, November 20, 2008

So Much For The House!

OK You Guys!
I am going to share a little family story of mine with you. Again, I apologize for how CRAZY things have been and how SLAMMED I am with orders. Yes, I know! I STINK AT BLOGGING! Anyhow....

So..... Last night Aron and I had this misunderstanding. See, I thought that he had brought Brookelyn downstairs and he thought that I had brought Brookelyn down. A while later, I was SO OVER the headache that I had that I gave in to finding some Advil. As I got into the kitchen, a small little scratching noise caught me extremely off guard. As I walked around the the island and past the wine cooler, there it was.... The little RAT that ruined ALL of the hard work in our "house!" PLEASE, watch below! Nice, huh?

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