Friday, December 19, 2008

A VERY Sad Day...

Wow! What a day. For some of you, the news that the remains found in Florida are in fact those of little Caylee Anthony is just that. For me, it was almost like losing a family member or child of my own.

For 6 long months now, I have religiously followed Nancy Grace and her amazing determination and love to continue the search for this little baby. Have I missed an episode since we first learned of this missing child? NOT A CHANCE. Some nights, I was known to have watched the same episode at 8, 10, 1 and yes, 3am. Yep! While making pettis, I watched every detail of this tragedy unfold.

I am not sure if what caused the obsession was that I am a mommy of 5 with my youngest daughter being very close in age or, if it was my admiration of someone like Nancy Grace having so much love for a baby that she never even knew. What an amazing little mommy Nancy Grace is. The larger part of me believes that the wonderful love for her babies and their miraculous story of survival is what kept her pursuing this case. Thank GOD she did.

It may seem silly to some of you that I am even writing about this but to those of you who did follow this as close as I did, it's a SAD, sad day for so many of us. I guess that I am just asking all of you for prayer as this family and parts of the world begin closure to this tragic story. I will not go into my opinions of what happened to this baby however I can only pray that justice will be SERVED to the ONE who caused all of this. NO CHILD deserves to be thrown out the window like they were last weeks cup of McDonald's coffee that keeps rolling under your feet because you were just to lazy to pick it up.

With all of this being said, while you all are putting little Caylee in your prayers, I ask that you pray for not only George and Cindy but, the rest of us who have been deeply affected by this little angel's loss.

To the Orlando PD, the FBI crime Lab, Leonard Padilla, Tim Miller, Equua Search, the THOUSANDS of you who help look for this baby, those of you who spent your last 8 days on your hands and knees sifting through everything to complete this little body so that ALL of her may rest in peace now, everyone involved in helping and MOST OF ALL Nancy Grace who if it weren't for, this little baby would have NEVER gotten the proper burial and rest that she will now, GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU! You are amazing people who so generously put your lives on hold so that the day would come where this baby can now spread her wings and fly. I am SURE all of you have a new Angel that will be looking over all of you.
GOD Bless you all and Merry Christmas

As for Nancy Grace, you are TRULY a blessing from GOD to that Anthony family. I am not sure if anyone would ever take the time to say it but YOU have been that baby's Angel for the last 6 months. You have looked over her and her best interest and made it a point to make it the forefront of what's on ALL of our minds. Your little Lucy and John David have NO IDEA what an amazing mommy that they have. Thank GOD for people like you!

Angela Wilde
Miss Thing's Boutique
Atlanta, GA

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