Monday, January 19, 2009

Have Any Of Your Children Ever Eaten One Of My Pettiskirts?

IF they have well, guess what? They won't be eating any lead from me! Hahaha! Ok seriously, it's NOTHING to joke about because as a mother of 5 children (YES, FIVE!) I am all about child safety laws. However, lead in my pettiskirts and tutus, NOT LIKELY!

So! If any of you are concerned whether or not the CPSIA will be shutting me down, that's a BIG FAT NO WAY! To clear every one's mind, please know that i do have an attorney working for me just for a little CYA type thing! Also, my items are shipping in the morning to be tested for lead. I ask for those of you reading this to please pray for all of the small businesses and mommies just trying to make a living. If something doesn't happen soon, some of your PRECIOUS LEAD FREE designers for your children will be shut down. If you would like to join in and find out what all of the buzz is, you can get on out conference call tomorrow, 1/20/08 4pm EST. The information is listed here!

Also, for those of you wanting to change this and get more involved as I am myself, PLEASE visit
Rachele Dressler-Sweetser
Monkey Baby, Fun Fashion for Your Little Monkey!

***SHE IS WORKING VERY HARD with another attorney as well in a class action suit against the CPSIA and this new law that was signed into congress on August 14th, 2008. To get more info on her site, please visit the following:

Again, please know that my products are being tested and that the safety of my children and yours are my MAIN priority regardless of what the CPSIA decides!

I would LOVE to hear some of YOUR concerns, interests, and comments on this! PLEASE comment here!

Take care guys and for ALL of my wholesalers, drop shippers, and sole distributors, thank you so much for ALL of your HARD WORK! You do NOT go unnoticed!
Love you guys!
Angela Wilde

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Julie Cook Portraits said...

Thank goodness it isn't affecting you. I am praying for all it is affecting!