Friday, June 12, 2009

Good Luck Lexi!

We would just like to wish Miss Lexi the BEST of luck this weekend in the Miss Georgia Pageant! Lexi will be representing MTB in Casual Wear, Baby and Me, Beauty, and Princess Wear Categories. As ALWAYS, she has been amazing to work with along with her mommy, daddy, and little brother. (I think her daddy had more fun with this than ANY of us!) Hahaha! Shhhhh.... I taught him ALL I know about the BEST way to add "BLING" to anything. Thank GOD for tweezers huh Matt?

Once we are SURE Miss Thing is registered tomorrow night, we will start uploading sneak peaks at what we have spent MONTHS designing for this sweet angel girl! Here are just a few pics of a few things we have designed in the past for Miss Lexi. Be SURE to post well wishes comments on here for her. TRUST ME! Her Mommy checks in often! God Bless you guys this weekend and as for you Miss Lexi, Bippity, Boppity Boo, Miss Angie LOVES you! Go girl! Give em' a little kissy face for me!
Love you guys!

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