Monday, July 6, 2009

Ready To Ship Items!

Ok Guys!

Over the holiday weekend, I put my hubby poo to work and had him sort through all of our items! All this week, you will find pictures of many of our "Ready To Ship" items that have been hanging around for photo shoots. We have decided since we have been running a little behind on orders and don't have time for shoots right now, we would just go ahead and ship these GREAT products! If you see something that you would like to have, please email me HERE and I will set you up for a custom order! Each of these items were made in multiple sizes so chances are, we have the size you need! Once you order this item, it will be boxed and shipped same or next day. Hope you like what you see! Keep checking back all week as I will have the hubby poo continue to add items for me while I sew!
Enjoy shopping!
Love you guys!

***Click Image For Larger Picture!***

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