Saturday, May 1, 2010

Miss Things Designs For Celebrity Baby 1st Birthday Party!

The secret is out and Miss Things Boutique is a HUGE part of it! You can now find Miss Things Boutique in OK! Magazine, People Magazine, and Celebrity Baby Scoop as well as many others! Stay tuned for more celebrity coverage to come!

(Amazing Photography By Cara Leonard Photography)

Since February, I have had the amazing opportunity to work with Trista Sutter on designing the "perfect dress" for her beautiful little Blakesley's 1st birthday party. I would like to start off by saying that designing for Blakesley's Winter Wonderland was an honor for us but not as big of an honor as it was getting to know Trista Sutter as a person rather than a "celebrity." In MTB's 3 years of designing, we have had the opportunity to design for quite a few celebrities and celebrity events which usually consisted of working with more reps than the actual celebrity themselves. I must say that Trista is ABSOLUTELY the most precious, sweet and appreciative person that I have ever come in contact with. She is as adorable in personality and heart as she was on television if not more! I must say that she is the most genuine and sweet celebrity that I have ever had the opportunity to work with! What a doll. I am looking forward to continuing to design for Miss Blakesley and her adorable big brother, Maxwell for all of his ROCKIN' boyish gear! (yes, MTB can TOTALLY design for boys as well!) A TON of thanks to Trista for giving MTB the opportunity to get to know her! The pleasure has been ours by far!

Not only did we design Miss Blakesley's Birthday Dress and Custom Birthday Girl Apron but we made custom boutique birthday hats for each guest as well as the one that Miss Blakesley wore to set off her little dress! At the birthday party, each little girl had the opportunity to visit Miss Things Dress Up Boutique and dress themselves in our custom Princess Couture that was designed exclusively for all of the little princesses that attended Miss Blakesley's Winter Wonderland! After all, what little girl doesn't dream of being a princess? Included in the bag of goodies for the guests, Miss Things Boutique gave gift certificates so everyone could have the chance to experience Miss Things Boutique's Custom Pettiskirt Couture for them self!
During this experience, I also had the amazing opportunity to get to know quite a few other AWESOME ladies who I am forever thankful for their businesses and what they do! You MUST check them out! Natalie from Hot Moms Club was totally awesome and man, does she run one HECK of a business! I also had the opportunity of working with Julie from Jewels and Pinstripes! What a doll baby as well! It's so awesome when we get to work with other women who can appreciate hard work, dedication, and the INSANE LONG hours that are put into building a very successful, female owned business. Special thanks to BOTH of you for all that you do for women, unique and custom businesses, mommies and kiddos all over. These ladies do wonders for so many amazing boutiques and online businesses that might go unrecognized without them! What an amazing experience!

Be sure to check us out in OK! Magazine, People Magazine, Celebrity Baby Scoop and many more!

***This is what Trista had to say when she was asked by CBS about Blakesley's party and Miss Things Boutique***

CBS: How was Blakeley's first birthday party? We hear it was an Alice in Wonderland theme. Is that her favorite?

TS: "It was great! No...she actually has no idea who Alice is, but I was inspired by a movie poster I saw and since Max had a "land" kinda theme (his 1st birthday was a Candyland theme), I figured she should have her own "land" as well. Besides, I knew she would look adorable in an Alice inspired dress by Miss Things Boutique.

That's right! You could win this ENTIRE set above that includes a custom dress that is part of Miss Tings Boutique's NEW Candy Shoppe Couture Line!

As always, thank you guys so much for your continued support and love for Miss Things Boutique Custom Pettiskirt Couture! We love you ALL so much! YOU are what continue to make Miss Things Boutique such a huge success and a household name.
With TONS of love!
Angie, Heather, Aron & Betty

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