Monday, August 2, 2010

And The Winners Are...

Ok! You guys really overwhelmed us with AWESOME ideas so we couldn't just pick one! We decided to choose 3 Pettiskirt Costume Winners and 2 Tutu/Tutu Dress Costume winners! Thank you all so much for the AWESOME response that we got. Many of you chose something we already had in the making which is why we couldn't choose your designs. =( Unfortunately we still can't tell you exactly what we are doing for Halloween because it might give away a few photographer's secrets. TRUST ME! They will be up soon and you guys are going to do FLIPS over them!

As for the winners, if you see your name here, PLEASE contact us at to let us know that you realize that you have won and so that we can go ahead and get custom measurements for your child for their costume!

So the winners are as follows:

Teri Hane Kutsch asked for a kitty outfit which is something we had not thought about!
Holly Hartwell Johnson had the idea for her kids to be Woody & Jessee from Toy Story 3!
Kelly Delgado had the BRILLIANT idea of her twins being an Angel and a Devil! LOVE IT!
Chantena Cook had the idea of an Indian so we were inspired to do Pochahantas!
Dorothy Jones Chambers asked for Princess Tiana and she's getting it! GREAT IDEA!

Congratulations to all 5 of you. Miss Things Boutique will be designing your children's costumes this year for Halloween! Thank you all so much and check back often as we are going to start back doing a MONTHLY GIVEAWAY each month!

As always...Thank you ALL for your continued support of Miss Things Boutique!
Love you guys!
Angie, Heather, Aron and the rest of the Miss Things Boutique Team!

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