Thursday, June 12, 2008

Crossing Paths...

If you know me, you know that I am a very spiritual person. You know that I believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Well, with opening my new boutique, I have been paying a little more attention to my site meter and where folks are coming from.

I got to "snooping around" to find that I keep getting hits from a site in Texas. As I researched a little harder, I had been getting a LOT of hits from there! Being in the business, I like to thank those who send me customers so I followed the link to this site. It was a personal blog kept up by this sweet little mommy named Amy! The more I read about her and her precious children, the more I realized, this "Amy" is a lot like me.

After reading a very troubled story, this "Amy's" story was weighing tremendously on my heart. She and her husband are making a very loving, amazing decision in their lives and I felt she needed a little encouragement and to know that a perfect stranger thought a lot about what an awesome little mommy she was! So...
I wrote her to tell her exactly what I thought! To my surprise, not only did she write me back but, this morning she had posted a new blog about me contacting her and how much it meant!

You see, GOD puts us in each other's lives no matter where you live. For once, being nosey got me to a "happy place!" Not only did it help me find an incredible little mommy to her soon to be 5 children, but it gave me a brand new friend! A friend that is in a very same world that I was in in the past with a child and a HUGE decision that would wind up being yet another HUGE BLESSING from GOD!

I ask that ALL OF YOU pray for Amy, her hubby, her 4 beautiful children, and the new little angel that will be leaving a very confusing enviornment and entering a brand new world with a "New Mommy" as my family likes to call it! Although I have NEVER met Amy or for that matter, talked to her on the phone, I know this precious little girl will have one HECK of a new Mommy, Daddy, and 4 siblings! GOD Bless All of them!

Thank you AMY for becoming a great new friend. Everything will be okie dokie and ANYONE who can take on this challenge is a REAL HERO in my eyes! You WILL be blessed in abundance! I know I have!

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