Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What Wonderful Customers!

Hey guys!
I just thought I would share this awesome email I got from an INCREDIBLE customer I have. She is a photographer in Alabama who ordered a precious Halloween Pettiskirt from me. As soon as she has the shoot in my Pettiskirt, I will post them here as well as on my site!

She is an AMAZING photographer and I am so happy to have met her and her precious little granddaughter. (Well, at least over the internet.) She does photo shoot for all kinds of models and boutique websites! Wow!

Anyhow, not to embarress her but, I am going to post the email I got from her. Thank you so much Ms. Susan! I am looking forward to working with you again very soon!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!! I stayed home at lunch way over my time waiting on PostMan. LOL!!! I cannot wait to do pics in this and send to you!
Girl you R O C K !!!!! Now I can't wait to do a red one!
Thank you so much and I have recommended you to Jillian my bowlady. She is going to be contacting you for some. I am fixing to send her a pic of this one so she can see it!
Let me know when you are ready for some pics of your skirts.

Thanks again!

***I absolutely adore each and every one of you and hope that all of you feel the same way! Take care and love you guys!


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