Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Need For Prayer

Hey Guys!

As promised, I would like to run this blog and ask for all of your prayers for this dear friend of our family.
You all know that I have said that ANY time you are wanting to start a prayer chain, I am MORE THAN WILLING to run it here. Prayer is power and all of you, my amazing customers, have the ability to generate prayer from people that Sheila could NEVER reach. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for your prayers!
I love allof you guys!
Angie Wilde
Miss Thing's Boutique

*******************SHEILA'S PRAYER REQUEST****************************
I’m tired. I’m overwhelmed. I need your prayers. I’m in disbelief.

I just found out tonight, that my recent CT scan has a new spot on it. Where my ovaries once were. My CA-125 was 5 in Feb, 10 in June, 15 in July. Still way below normal, of 35 & below, but on the increase. These 2 factors has led my doctor to believe that I am having a recurrence. The spot is 1-1/2 inches.

I called my original doctor, Dr. Moller, in NM. She has suggested a PET scan(full body scan) to determine if there are sprinkles elsewhere, or just this one spot. One spot would be good. It would involve surgery to remove it. We’d want to do this quickly, not giving the cancer(if it is) a chance to grow.

As I said, I’m just tired right now. I really believed God was using my story to help others to believe that He does miracles. I thought I would be cancer free the rest of my life. And I could be. This could all be just a fluke. You hear of stories, where there is a spot, but they go in, and nothing is there.

So, now I’m asking you to pray that I am cancer free. And that you join me in believing I am still a miracle, still cancer free. Pray for me to have peace and wisdom. For the insurance to pay for a PET scan. I will keep you posted over the next week or so, of what the next step is. I am getting the results of my latest CA-125 on Friday.

Thank you for your prayers. I really don’t know what or how to pray right now. But I just wanted us to make a loud noise to God, asking for continued healing in my body. It’s been three years, since my original diagnosis.

It’s also just a reminder of how short & precious life is. And that every chance you get, hug, kiss, touch, and love someone in your life. It’s about people, not about things and places and doing.

Please ask others you know to pray that I am cancer free, and this spot is nothing but a weird spot. I don’t know what the next step is, when it is, but I know that I will step into this future with God holding me in His arms.



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Mel said...

I will add this to my prayer journal, God Bless.