Wednesday, September 24, 2008


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As i sit here about to write you a note, giving you an update, I first have to ask this: Why do dogs like to drink water from the commode??????? I'm sitting down to have time with you, and I hear my dog loudly drinking across the hall. Jump up, put down lid. Good grief. Is there something extra tasty??? Ok, no bad thoughts, I mean clear water!!! :)Ok, just had to share to let you know I'm alive & well, and still have my quirky sense of humor. That's what's so crazy about all this!! I feel great, energy, etc. I've been losing weight with Thin Within. Funny thing is, as I've lost some in the past week, it's like who cares? Who cares about your weight when you're about to enter the battlefield for your life? I care, don't get me wrong. I know being healthy helps you have a better battle. But wrinkles, body fat, gray hair, facial hair, age spots, etc...all lose importance at a time like this.Tonight, Jessie was crying as we said good night prayers. After talking, she said she was afraid I wouldn't come back from hospital, would die. I pinky promised with her that i would come back, I would not die. And I made her pinky promise back, that she would believe! So, i ask you to join me, as many of you did over three years ago(Memorial Day, 05)to BELIEVE! Believe in God's miracles, believe in the power of prayers, believe that I am a fighter and will get through this, believe in family, friends, and love. Think of Polar Express. Think of Tinkerbelle, wanting us to believe that Peter Pan would come back to life. I got an early morning phone call from Univ of Ala, Birmingham, (UAB) that the appointment I had next Wed(insurance takes a week to process, to get to my desk, and no we can't get you in any sooner, sorry)...was wonderfully moved up to tomorrow morning! So, insurance was processed in less than 24 hours, versus what always happens, a week. God opened this door. I did research, and they do incredible things there for the fight against cancer. Plus Dr. Strahn is personal friends with my original doctor, Dr. Moller, and that I know he'll converse with her about what's best for me. I expect by tomorrow afternoon, we'll know the future timeline for surgery & 6 chemos. Ugh. I've had many close friends say forget convenience and all that stuff..focus on the best care, wherever it is. If I end up choosing UAB, which it looks like I will, it will mean being 2-1/2 hrs from home for surgery, then each time I do chemo(6x), every 3 weeks for 18 weeks, it would be an overnight stay. UAB is recognized by insurance as an "excellent cancer center," so they reimburse for mileage, some food, that will be a huge help. I've had many who have offered to do the trip with me, to help Jessie with homework, to do all the things I won't be able to do. Ok, enough for now. Trying to write a novel or something! Seriously, thanks for your prayers and love!! From my mom: (i may have already told you, sorry!) Psalm 118:17 For I shall not die, but live, to tell of the great works of God. (paraphase by me!)
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