Tuesday, December 1, 2009

3 New Crowns For Miss Things Boutique!

Miss Things Boutique would like to congratulate our 3 little angels that won the pageant this past weekend. These little princesses won most beautiful outfit in all 3 categories,(wooo-whoooo!) Princess in 2 categories, and overall Winter Wonderland Queen in the other division. You should see these crowns! ADORABLE! Here are just a few pictures to share with you guys to keep you involved with our little Pageant Princesses.
If you are interested in having Miss Things Boutique help you design your sweet baby's Posh Pageant Couture™ or would like to have Miss Things Boutique sponsor you in your next pageant, please be sure to contact us HERE!
In the meantime, enjoy these pictures. I am SURE you will be seeing MUCH MORE of these babies! Thank you so all of the parents who allow us to continue to design for you and for sending all of the pictures, etc!
Without you guys, we couldn't make it happen! Love you guys,
Angie & Heather

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