Sunday, December 13, 2009

Miss Things Boutique Wishes ALL Of Our Girls LOTS OF LUCK!

Miss Things Boutique Pageant Princesses To Compete in 5 Divisions for the Miss Candy Cane and Miss Snow Queen Pageants!

Although we are a little late, we would like to wish ALL of our girls the BEST of luck in tomorrow's Candy Cane Pageant! We are so proud to represent ALL of you and can't wait to see those crowns!

Miss Brookelynn will be in the 2 y/o division. Special thanks to her mom Kimberly for allowing Miss Things Boutique to design for you! We are so proud to be sponsoring/representing you! We wanna see you shake it like you did the other night when you picked up your dress sweet girl!

Miss Alexis will be in the 3 y/o division! What can we say? We want to see you give kissy face that you are so known for! Don't tell Daddy but, we think you should wear the hat! Hahahaha! Thank you so much Dawn, Matt and Tristen for your continued support of Miss Things Boutique. We could not thank you enough for all of the referrals and so forth that you continue to bring us. You guys ROCK! Be good for Mommy sweet baby. Make it 41 for daddy!

Miss Hailey will be in the 4 y/o division. Now that we have you all taken care of sweet baby, there is NO DOUBT that you are going to be the MOST BEAUTIFUL angel in purple that ANY of those judges have EVER seen! We want to see another crown baby girl! If the dress doesn't do it for you, we are SURE those beautiful eyes will win their hearts! SO MANY thank yous are due to Dallas and Mark for allowing us to make this dress just perfect for her. She is an absolute angel baby in it even if you did almost STARVE waiting on the "perfect fit!" ;) How was Taco Mac BTW?

Miss Josie will be in the 5 y/o division and boy are those girls in trouble! Believe me when I tell you that you will be seeing a TON of Miss Josie on our website soon! What an absolute ANGEL. We are so excited to have the opportunity to work with you sweet baby and are looking forward to sponsoring you again in the VERY NEAR future! Thank you so much to her mom Michelle for allowing us to not only design for you but, to allow us to have such a GORGEOUS NEW MODEL for our website and marketing! PLEASE let us know if there is ever ANYTHING we can do for you!

Finally, Miss Ansley! WORK IT GIRL!!! She will be in the 6 y/o division. We are SO GLAD that you will FINALLY be in a division where the little girls look somewhat your age! Ah-hahaha! I cannot WAIT to see the judges remarks on your ADORABLE outfit we made for you! We totally want to see how well the crown is going to match! ;) As always, special thanks to mom Kathy for all of your dedication to Miss Things Boutique. We hope daddy totally digs his little sassafrass on stage tomorrow and sees what an awesome little Diva he has! Have fun Chris! BTW mom, I received a letter from Santa asking about some pettiskirts for Ansley. I told him that I was pretty darn sure that she had been a good girl this year.

Good luck tomorrow ladies! We are so proud of you! All of you make sure that you get as many pictures as you can for us! We are so upset that we can't be there this time! Just know that we love you and are thinking about you! ALL of your dresses were made especially for you with tender loving care by Miss Things Boutique. Whether you win a crown or not, you are OUR pageant princess and are the MOST BEAUTIFUL no matter what the judges think! You are ALL winners for having the confidence to get on stage and be there! I know all of your mommy's and daddy's are so proud just as we are!
Be careful out in this weather guys! I want phone calls, pictures, text messages, videos, emails and anything else you will have the ability to send me! Thank you again and we wish YOU as the parents the MOST LUCK!
We love you!

Angie & Heather

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