Monday, January 4, 2010

What's Haute in 2010?

Well guys...

We made it through another amazing year thanks to ALL of you. So, what did we do while we were out.....

So for the last 3 days, I have been fighting Strep Throat that was so graciously given to me by my daughter, Brookelyn and given to her from her brother Gaven. Ahhh yes...Who got it the worst? Mommy, of course. I guess that is what happens when you have 5 kids! Hahaha! Ya know, I have always just wanted to make matching shirts for me and my hubby poo that simply says, "BREEDERS" and "yes, they are all 5 mine!" I mean really? Don't ya just love going places and people say, "are all of those yours?" I am SO not going there but our Atlanta Native, Jeff Foxworthy would have had a field day with that one!

So anyhow, let's get serious. Before all of the 1000+mg of Augmentin and Lidocaine throat numbing (short for "sure to make you barf from taste") medications, I have been INSANELY busy doing 2 things.

1: Designing TONS of new great things for the 2-0-1-0 to be shot by some of our TOP photographers and...

2: Patiently(NOT) waiting on Summit Entertainment, LLC to give us their graces to call our AWESOME NEW LINE exclusively designed by Miss Things Boutique something other than Vampire Wear!

I mean really? Did they really have to take such a long vacation? Just tell me how much it is going to cost me to call my new line what i want and I will write the check. My LORD! My customers and fans are about to BURST! (ok-ok..I AM ABOUT TO BURST!) hahahaha! Don't tell my hubby poo that I am STILL TALKING ABOUT EDWARD! BTW, you all can thank one of my BFF's over at Miss Priss Tutus for starting this CRAZY, SICK OBSESSION that I have with Edward Cullen. I remember laughing hysterically at her for making tutus and t-shirts for her and her friends just to go see the newest release!

Enough about me and Edward. I am SURE that by now he has broken the news to Bella about the 2 of us.

So....what have we designed? Here is what is to come this week and the next few weeks to come!

Our Newest Kittylicious Posh Petti™ line with an adorably sassy and kittylicious top made to match!

And our contagious Cougarlicious Posh Petti Couture™! Grrrrrrrr......The tweenies and teenies are LOVING THIS!

As if this weren't enough, how do you like this baby's new looks? This was one HAUTE commodity this Christmas for quite a few little girls that I designed this for. Be sure to post your comments and tell us what you think!

Did you catch the ADORABLE matching hair clips made to match? Keep your eyes peeled ladies. This is only a VERY SMALL glimpse of what is being shot as we speak! Have a ROCKIN' week and we look forward to being the most unique and exclusive designer again in 2010!
We love you guys!
Angie And Heather!

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