Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Heaven's Playground Has a New Angel Today!

As you all may know, Layla Grace lost her battle to the BIG, BAD, UGLY, NO GOOD Cancer MONSTER this morning. It's with a heavy heart that I would like to ask that all of you PLEASE pray for her little sisters who just don't understand. I also ask that you pray for the strength for her mommy and daddy as they are about to face something much harder than the cancer that baby Layla fought; laying her to rest. Something that NO mommy or daddy should EVER have to do.

For the next several weeks, Miss Things Boutique will have a place for you to send donations to the family to help with their medical expenses and anything else that they may need to help them move forward. In honor of this sweet angel now in Heaven, we want to ask from one family to another today to kiss your babies a little more, hug them a little tighter and love them a little longer than you ususally do. Maybe even take a second out of your busy schedules and just listen to them sleeping. It is the most precious sound on Earth.
The Marsh Family can be reached at:

12320 Barker Cypress Rd.
Ste. 600 #264
Cypress, TX 77429

Donations to Layla’s medical expenses can be made at any Wells Fargo bank. Ask a manager to make a deposit to the Layla Grace Marsh donation account. You may also donate via PayPal here: http://bit.ly/layladonate

For those of you who didn't have the chance to get to know this sweet angel and be touched by her little life, you can read more at www.laylagrace.org. Get to know her and her amazing little family. I can assure you, her sweet little story of her short little life will touch you in ways that you could never imagine. I know it sure has touched mine...

Spread your wings Little Layla Grace and fly!
With Love,

Angie Wilde
Miss Things Boutique

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Kelly said...

Very well written, Angie. I cried again when I read it, almost as much as when I first found out this morning. Thank you for helping spread Layla's message.

Play with the angels, sweet baby girl. I'm going home to hug mine a little tighter. You've taught me a very valuable lesson- not to take anything for granted.

With love,

The Delgado Family