Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fly Away Sweet Baby...

Hi all!

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you today. Miss Zoey flew away last night to join all of the other angels that are playing with Jesus today in Heaven's Playground.

Please know that all though Zoey is no longer with us, she is free of pain, sickness, hospital teseting and fear. God has plans for all of us and I assure you it is NOT to live the way this little angel would be living if she were still with us today.

I ask that all of you pray for the understanding and healing of Zoey's amazing parents who have fought this battle just as hard as she has over the last several months. Be with them in your thoughts and prayers as they prepare to lay this sweet angel to rest.

Thank you so much for following this sweet story and for ALL of your continued prayers for the family, friends, and loved ones. I ask that you pray for the amazing doctors that had the joy to work witih this sweet baby through these times. I also ask that you thank GOD for the photographer that gave the parents some of the sweetest memories they could ever ask for of this baby.

Special thanks to Stephanie Drummond Photography who through her incredible photopraphy will help Miss Things Boutique keep Zoey's beautiful memory alive on our website daily. Her work is amazing and will tell stories of this baby for years to come! Thank you Stephanie for sharing this sweet angel's life with ALL of us!



Kristie said...

Angie, thank you for the update-I logged on specifically to find out if you had posted one. This family is in my heart and prayers.


Julie Cook Portraits said...

my heart goes out to her family and friends! Prayers and love!

Heidi said...

Dear Jenny & Derik,
You may check these hopes that you do, I feel so much love in my heart for your family. reading your post's with so much emotion poured in to them, brought me to tears. It is very hard to understand why God would allow things like this to happen. But I KNOW he has a plan for all of us, and little Zoey is in a better place right now. May you find strength and comfort during this time. My prayers are with your family, and thank you for sharing zoey's story.
Heidi Walker