Wednesday, February 4, 2009

“I knew you before you were born and I designed you for my purposes.” UPDATE ON ZOEY


For all of you who are following and praying for Miss Zoey and her mommy and daddy, here is the latest. PLEASE pray for peace with this little family. Pray that Miss Zoey is as comfortable as she can be and in no pain. Thank you guys for following! You ALL are wonderful!Love you guys!Angie

“I knew you before you were born and I designed you for my purposes.” Jeremiah 1:5.This has been a very long week. I really have no energy or desire to be typing this but here is the edited version. We had our meeting, discussed the severity of the situation and then made plans to go to Memphis. We wanted to be with our neurologist and have him to look at her one final time to make sure that there was nothing else that we could do. We tried to go to Memphis and after 4 days of waiting for a bed there was finally one available. When the crew that was transporting us came to pick her up she was not stable enough to go. Her heart began to beat irregularly and her breathing worsened almost immediately. We decided that God did not obviously want us in Memphis. Our neurologist asked that another MRI be done to see if indeed things were progressing. Zoey had to be intubated and put a ventilator. She is still breathing on her own. She just needs a lot of help. She underwent the MRI. We had high hopes for great results but they were much worse than even we expected. The white matter or myelin was almost completely gone. There was also a significant deterioration of normal brain tissue and mass. This is a progressive disease, meaning it is only going to get worse. We have spoke with our neurologist as well as the doctors here in length about this condition and what exactly to do for Zoey.Derick and I have decided not to put her through anymore than she has already gone through. There is no cure for this or even any effective treatment. We have hope and faith that she could still make it but we are not going to have her go through a tracheotomy and ventilator for home use. This would not be for Zoey, it would be for us, so we did not have to go through the hurt and pain or loosing our daughter.This indeed is the hardest thing we have ever had to go through. Our emotions change from one minute to the next. I am hysterical and crying pretty much over everything…I cried a lot to begin with though. Derick and I have breakdowns and then do ok for about an hour or so and then the cycle starts up again. We are trying to get family here to love on Zoey before we extubate her. We plan on taking the tube out Friday and then will start comfort measures so there will be no suffering for her. We have not given up on the miracle and Derick and I keep reassuring the other, that these are only doctors….they are not OUR GOD!!! Please pray for us. Please continue to pray for Zoey and her miracle. This is not too big for God. We have to have faith that it is still possible. We love you all. Thank you for your support.


Steph said...

Thank you so much for posting this. It just hurts my heart everytime I get an update on her. I will let you know when I hear an update. I will be going by the hospital sometime between today and Friday. Please keep praying.


Julie Cook Portraits said...

oh my, how heartbreaking. Still praying adn will not stop! Big hug to the family!

Baby Bling Boutique said...

My daughter I pray for Baby Zoey and her family everynight! We will continue and know that all things are possible through God!

Jana said...
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