Monday, October 5, 2009


Ok guys!

You asked for it! Here is a sneak peak at at our My Punk Petti. Keep in mind, this is only a "starter" for what the final design actually is! We have made some changes to the design thanks to great customer comments and of course from our amazing photographer!

After MONTHS of toying with the idea of how to come up with yet another Rockin' Original Design, we finally sent a few of our My Punk Petti™ pettiskirts to one of our many amazing photographers to shoot. Special thanks to Mi Lolli Photography for the amazing photos that she sent! We are DYING for your thoughts, opinions and suggestions on this one ladies! We can't make a great product without great advice from all of our great customers. Be HONEST ladies! Besides, you ALL are the reason Miss Things Boutique is a world wide, house hold name!


Be sure to post your comments to Mi Lolli here as she TOTALLY ROCKED this first skirt out for us! She has more styles and colors of our others to come so stay tuned and as always...

We love you guys!



pongoandbindi said...

Susan from Mi Lolli photography is the one who let me know about your sight. I love the pettiskirt I bought for my baby girl.

Crystal said...

I love this! I'm 30 and would totally wear this!!!!

Miss Things Boutique said...

Crystal! We would TOTALLY make one for you too! If you are interested in one and would let a photographer shoot you in one for us to use, let us know at and we will "hook you up!" We are in desperate need right now for some adult models for the launch of our new teen/adult line! Thank you for posting!