Sunday, October 4, 2009

Opinions Please!

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to take the time to thank ALL of you (Wholesalers, Customers, Friends, and Fans) for being so loyal to Miss Things Boutique. It has come to our attention that one of our EX-EMPLOYEES who was FIRED from Miss Things Boutique has STOLEN all of our vendor information, wholesale accounts, photographers, product descriptions, product designs and so forth. For all of you who notified us about this, we want to tell you that from the bottom of our hearts that we thank you so much for your loyalty to Miss Things Boutique and all of OUR ORIGINAL hard work. Be SURE to read below and feel free to share your comments with us. We would LOVE for you to browse her site to see just how "similar" and UNORIGINAL EVERYTHING is. Any (ALL) things look familiar? Enjoy a laugh and check it out! The least we can do is to send a little traffic to her site since she has sent SO MUCH to ours! ;)


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